First off, I gotta say I hate the idea of blogging. (seems wack to the max) However, with the current state of technology and more instant stimuli than we can often handle- I think it's important to take time to step back and reflect. Sh*t is therapeutic. Especially in the entrepreneurial world where the feedback loops are mad janky.

It's been a month since I moved from Freddy Beach to Halifax and (so far) I must say I can't complain. Living in the south end is pretty convenient and the energy is nice here. It has taken a couple weeks to settle in here but I'm finally starting to get in the groove. I've spent the better part of the last couple weeks catching up with old friends and establishing new connections and partnerships with local businesses (ex: seamstresses, shops and printers etc.) While the other time I have been spending designing a new collection. 

October is going to be a busy month as we prepare for Atlantic Fashion Week Season 12 in Halifax October 18th. I am too excited to show everyone what we've been cooking up, I really wanna make some waves. I can't disclose toooo much right now but expect some untraditional looks! For tickets, go here. And stay tuned for more details re: the after party! 

Well thats probably enough for now. 

To everyone that doesn't "have it figured out" don't worry. It will work if you do.

Finally I think it's also important to note that no one ever told me this was an option in school... IT IS THO! 

Finally finally- To all entrepreneurs, creatives, artists etc. in the Maritimes. Please feel free to reach out, I am always interested in collaborating / meeting for coffee.

Till next time